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7.2.76 ND-color

(ND-color CAMID
[ (( [ID] (x1 x2 ... xN) v r g b a v r g b a ... ) ((x1 ... xN) v r g b a v r g b a ...) ...)] ) Specifies a function, applied to each N-D vertex, which determines the colors of N-dimensional objects as shown in camera CAMID. Each coloring function is defined by a vector (in ID's coordinate system) [x1 ... xN] and by a sequence of value (v)/color(r g b a) tuples, ordered by increasing v. The inner product v = P.[x] is linearly interpolated in this table to give a color. If ID is omitted, the (xi) vector is assumed in universe coordinates. The ND-color command specifies a list of such functions; each vertex is colored by their sum (so e.g. green intensity could indicate projection along one axis while red indicated another. An empty list, as in (ND-color CAMID ()), suppresses coloring. With no second argument, (ND-color CAMID) returns that camera's color-function list. Even when coloring is enabled, objects tagged with the keepcolor appearance attribute are shown in their natural colors.