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4.2.1 QUAD: collection of quadrilaterals

The conventional suffix for a QUAD file is .quad.

The file syntax is

        [C][N][4]QUAD  -or-  [C][N][4]POLY		   # Key word
        vertex  vertex  vertex  vertex  # 4*N vertices for some N
        vertex  vertex  vertex  vertex

The leading key word is [C][N][4]QUAD or [C][N][4]POLY, where the optional C and N prefixes indicate that each vertex includes colors and normals respectively. That is, these files begin with one of the words


(but not NCQUAD or NCPOLY). QUAD and POLY are synonymous; both forms are allowed just for compatibility with ChapReyes.

Following the key word is an arbitrary number of groups of four vertices, each group describing a quadrilateral. See the Vertex syntax above. The object ends at end-of-file, or with a closebrace if incorporated into an object reference (see above).

A QUAD BINARY file format is accepted; See Binary format. The first word of binary data must be a 32-bit integer giving the number of quads in the object; following that is a series of 32-bit floats, arranged just as in the ASCII format.