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7.2.7 |

| is a synonym for emodule-run.

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7.2.38 emodule-run

(emodule-run SHELL-COMMAND ARGS...)
Runs the given SHELL-COMMAND (a string containing a UNIX shell command) as an external module. The module's standard output is taken as geomview commands; responses (written to filename -) are sent to the module's standard input. The shell command is interpreted by /bin/sh, so e.g. I/O redirection may be used; a program which prompts the user for input from the terminal could be run with:
            (emodule-run  yourprogram  <&2)

If not already set, the environment variable $MACHTYPE is set to the name of the machine type. Input and output connections to geomview are dropped when the shell command terminates. Clicking on a running program's module-browser entry sends the signal SIGHUP to the program. For this to work, programs should avoid running in the background; those using FORMS or GL should call foreground() before the first FORMS or winopen() call. See (emodule-define ...). See (emodule-start ...).