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7.2.86 normalization

(normalization GEOM-ID {each|none|all|keep})
Set the normalization status of GEOM-ID.
suppresses all normalization.
normalizes the object's bounding box to fit into the unit sphere, with the center of its bounding box translated to the origin. The box is scaled such that its long diagonal, sqrt((xmax-xmin)^2 + (ymax-ymin)^2 + (zmax-zmin)^2), is 2.
resembles each, except when an object is changing (e.g. when its geometry is being changed by an external program). Then, each tightly fits the bounding box around the object whenever it changes and normalizes accordingly, while all normalizes the union of all variants of the object and normalizes accordingly.
leaves the current normalization transform unchanged when the object changes. It may be useful to apply each or all normalization apply to the first version of a changing object to bring it in view, then switch to keep.