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7.2.123 stereowin

(stereowin CAM-ID [no|horizontal|vertical|colored] [gapsize])
Configure CAM-ID as a stereo window. no: entire window is a single pane, stereo disabled
horizontal: split left/right: left is stereo eye#0, right is #1.
vertical: split top/bottom: bottom is eye#0, top is #1.
colored: panes overlap, red is stereo eye#0, cyan is #1.

A gap of gapsize pixels is left between subwindows; if omitted, subwindows are adjacent. If both layout and gapsize are omitted, e.g. (stereowin CAM-ID), returns current settings as a (stereowin ...) command list. This command doesn't set stereo projection; use merge camera or camera to set the stereyes transforms, and merge window or window to set the pixel aspect ratio & window position if needed.