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7.2.145 write-comments

write OOGL COMMENT objects in the GEOMID hierarchy at the level of the pick path to FILENAME. Specifically, COMMENTS at level (a b c ... f g) will match pick paths of the form (a b c ... f *) where * includes any value of g, and also any values of possible further indices h,i,j, etc. The pick path (returned in the pick command) is a list of integer counters specifying a subpart of a hierarchical OOGL object. Descent into a complex object (LIST or INST) adds a new integer to the path. Traversal of simple objects increments the counter at the current level. Individual COMMENTS are enclosed by curly braces, and the entire string of zero, one, or more COMMENTS (written in the order in which they are encountered during hierarchy traversal) is enclosed by parentheses.

Note that arbitrary data can only be passed through the OOGL libraries as full-fledged OOGL COMMENT objects, which can be attached to other OOGL objects via the LIST type as described above. Ordinary comments in OOGL files (i.e. everything after '#' on a line) are ignored at when the file is loaded and cannot be returned.