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geomview graphics on HP -- no hope

  • To: software
  • Subject: geomview graphics on HP -- no hope
  • From: slevy
  • Date: Mon, 16 Mar 92 19:15:15 -0600

> From PKPECZA at ERENJ.BITNET Mon Mar 16 16:50:48 1992
> Date: Mon, 16 Mar 92 17:13:20 EST
> To: slevy at geom
> Hi,
> - this time it compiled almost without problems - there is only one warning
> concerning illegal structure - I have no idea what does it mean.
> The real problem is that now I am trying to run geomview on our iris and to
> display the output on my Hewlett-Packard workstation (HP 9000-750) running
> X-11 windows. When I tried to run demo on my server, (being rlogged in to
> iris) via "geomview dodec.off" I got error messages:
> "dgl error (TCP connect): Connection refused
>  dgl error (default init): default dglopen(HOST:0,4) returned -127 ",
> where HOST is the hostname of my HP server.
> - At this point I do not know whether this message means that geomview will not
> be displayed on X-11 terminal (although programs runs on iris), or should I add
> an option which would tell geomview that I want it to be displayed on HOST:0
> screen.  Do you have an idea how to get around it?
>  Pawel.
> PS1. Other X-11 clients, e.g. xload or xclock executed on iris are displayed on
>      my HP without any problems.
> PS2. Below, you will find final out put of "make" (after one "make clean" run).
> ...

Whew, glad it compiled.

Setting DISPLAY won't help here; an Iris can (more slowly) do remote GL
graphics on another Iris, but not on other kinds of machines.

Someday we might port geomview to HP graphics, but as we don't even
own one it won't happen soon.

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