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Third-Party Utilities

OOGLTOOLS by Andreas Butz, University of Saarbrücken
Converts to OOGL format from .asc (3D studio), .3ds, .dxf, .raw (Midnight Modeller), .tpoly, .aoff

Third-Party Documentation

CMU overview with some images, Andrew E. Johnson, Carnegie Mellon University

Geomview within Mathematica Tutorial by Pau Atela, Smith College
Completely different from the rather terse Geometry Center tutorial; many images, lots of exposition.

Programs that use Geomview for output

SaVi, by Lloyd Wood and Patrick Worfolk, The Geometry Center.
Satellite orbit and constellation visualization program.

The Orrery by Stuart Levy, The Geometry Center
A Geomview module that simulates the Solar System.

Maniview by Charlie Gunn, The Geometry Center
A Geomview module for studying the geometry and topology of 3-manifolds.

A Geomview module that creates mathematical objects and scripts demonstrations.

Surface Evolver by Ken Brakke, The Geometry Center/Susquehanna
Differential geometry software: models surfaces shaped by constraints. Uses Geomview for output.

Qhull by Brad Barber, The Geometry Center
Robust convex hull computation. Uses Geomview for output.

CGAL: Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
CGAL is a very polished library of geometric algorithms.
Bidirectional communication support for Geomview is built in to CGAL.

CATHI System by Andreas Butz, University of Saarbrücken
Animation script generator, output in Geomview or Renderman format.
OOGL models: many large and complex things.

QMG: mesh generation software by Steve Vavasis, Cornell
Can use Geomview for output.
See bottom of example page

Polymake from the Technical University of Berlin
Tool for the algorithmic treatment of polytopes and polyhedra. Can use Geomview for output.

TetraView, an external module by Mauricio Palma Lizana, University of Chile.
See screenshot.

Tessel by Victor Luana, Universidad de Oviedo
Creates crystal and molecular models, parametric surfaces and several forms of sphere tesselations. Can use Geomview (or POV-ray or VRML) for output.
Picture gallery includes a few Geomview cameos.

UMass GANG Geomview modules
Geomview modules by James Lawrence.

Wulffman: An Interactive Crystal Shape Constructor by Andy Roosen et al, NIST
A program for interactively examining the Wulff shapes of crystals with specified symmetries, uses Geomview for output.

Measure: A Polytope Analysis Tool by Andy Roosen, NIST
A program for interactively examining the geometrical properties of polyhedra that are being viewed with Geomview. A user can determine the area of facets, the length of edges, the coordinates of a vertex (or point), and the distance between points.

Antiprism by Adrian Rossiter
A program for modelling polygons. Output uses the OFF format and Antiprism modules for Geomview are available.

DSTool from Cornell
Numerical simulation of dynamical systems, uses Geomview for output in three or higher dimensions.

Nifty projects/pictures involving Geomview

N-body Simulation of "The Antennae" by Chris Power and John Hibbard (NRAO) and Josh Barnes (IfA)
Colliding galaxies simulations in Geomview.
Sim2OOGL converts Tipsy, ZENO, or P files (galaxy formats, I presume?) to OOGL.

Experimental Differential Geometry: Uniformization and Quantum field theory (The Thurston Project), by Steve Braham, University of New Brunswick
Also, VIN protocol for starting Geomview (and many other things) through the web

Geomview-based MCFast methodology writeup by Torre Wenaus, LLNL
MCFast appears to be some kind of detector for high energy physics
See also review of Geomview feature set
MCFast Picture Gallery

Mathematical Graphics from Peter Alfeld, University of Utah
Rudin's Example of an Unshellable Triangulation
Spherical Bernstein-Bézier Interpolants
SBB data files (.gv format)

Interactive 3D Diagrams - WebOOGL and Geomview by William L. Burke, UCSC
Spacetime Origami includes OOGL diagram
Main page has examples of input from Mathematica and control of Geomview from tcl.

Simulation of Craniofacial Growth, Master's Thesis by Kevin Michael Coughlan, UBC
Description of Geomview external modules Landmark Picker and Krayold
Figures made from Geomview scattered through whole document.

Boy's Surface by Amy Hawthorne and Jenny Posson-Brown , Smith College
Many external modules, pictures, OOGL files. A little overboard on the animated gifs.
More external modules for Boy's surface.
Yet more external modules at the Create Geomview Files page.

A 3D Experiment by Ron Gunn, Nichols Research

Sample Geomview Graphics files by Dr. Gabor Toth, Rutgers Camden
Background about use of Geomview in mathematics curriculum.

Some kind of molecular picture made with Geomview? from Buffalo

Color Cube Demo from Washington University
A brief description of methodology, including perl scripts and a picture.

Knot Energies in 3-Space by Dennis Roseman, University of Iowa
Dennis has been a heavy Geomview users for years, but only some of his efforts are currently available on the web.

Unreal by Amenta, Duvall, Tim Rowley, The Geometry Center
Module for nonphotorealistic rendering

Planet Multicast by Munzner (Stanford), Hoffman (Ipsilon), Claffy (NLANR/CAIDA), and Fenner (Xerox PARC)
Geographic visualization of the MBone. Uses Geomview and adaption of WebOOGL code to show the multicast backbone of the Internet as arcs on a globe.

WebPaint by Yoshiaki Araki, Keio University
part of the cryptic Geometry Sender site

DX2Web by David Wu and Felix Lung, Cornell CS490
IBM DX (Data Explorer) to WebOOGL converter module

Klein bottles by Drew Perttula, Berkeley
Surface representation with many images, moviemaking methodology explained.
Assembleable gridline version, includes nice OOGL file

FEView by Yao Zheng
external module for Finite Element visualization.

Paul Bourke, Swinburne Astronomy, has created a huge amount of great stuff:
Mesh Animator
"Dangerous Data"
3D Spline curves, Spline Surface, 3D Bezier Surface: derivations, images, code which outputs OOGL
Klein Bottle very nice explanations, images, example code
Regular Polytopes (Platonic solids) in 4D definitions, images, OFF files
Conformal Mappings in the Complex Plane gallery of images made with a Geomview module
Modelling the Surface of the Human Cortex Full methodology description, images
Modelling the Surface of the Human Cortex from MRI volumetric data Full description of implicit surface methodology/algorithm, images
Solution Space of a Stability Equation extensive explanation, pictures
"CubeRender" Geomview does environment maps...
Image Gallery, some of them made with Geomvieiw

The Klein Bottle in Four-Space by Tom Banchoff (Brown) and Davide Cervone (The Geometry Center)
Images and animations made with FrontStage.
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