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No Subject

I suspect that geomview can't find the data file because the path name
for the data directory is set incorrectly. This is supposed to be set
for your system during the compile, but if the compile did not go
smoothly perhaps this failed. The data files should be in
GEOMROOT/data/geom, where GEOMROOT is the top of the geomview source

When geomview starts up, does a control panel come up in addition to
the camera window? You can use the "Load" button to load files while
the viewer is running. Depending on the version of geomview you have,
after you hit that button either a big browser will appear in the
lower left corner of the screen, or a small panel with a button
labelled "File Browser" will appear. Hit that button to get the big

Try typing the geometry data file directory name (GEOMROOT/data/geom)
into the blue input space on the bottom of the browser. Scroll down to
"dodec.off" in the list of files that will then appear and click on
it. Now does it appear in the camera window? If this works, then
geomview itself is working fine and just needs to be told the correct
datafile directory.

Try setting the environment variable GEOMDATA to GEOMDATA/data (i.e.
"setenv GEOMDATA <pathname>") before you run geomview. Then you should
be able to just refer to data files by filenames instead of full path

If the above advice solves the problem, then you may also need to
change pathnames in one other place: the system-wide .geomview file,
which is in the GEOMROOT/data directory. Make sure the pathnames for
the external programs are set correctly.

Let us know whether this works.

Tamara Munzner          ((555) 555-5555
munzner at geom.umn.edu    The Geometry Center  

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