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  • To: ayt at princeton.edu
  • Subject: geomview
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Fri, 5 Jun 92 12:09:33 CDT
  • In-Reply-To: Ayellet Tal's message of Fri, 5 Jun 92 09:46:21 -0400 <9206051346.AA07999 at cs.Princeton.EDU>

> The source version won't compile. I tried to use gcc
> instead of cc (by updating makefiles/mk.iris4) in order
> to handle the prototype problems.  Things still didn't
> work. Can you help me with this?

What errors did you get?  If you got an error of the form

        cc -g  -I../../../../include -I/usr/local/include -I..  -o eucsyms eucsyms.o callbacks.o newthor.o dirdomcalls.o latdiffs.o arrays.o  filecalls.o Ooglcalls.o glgcalls.o -L/u/gcg/ngrap/lib/sgi  -lstubdraw -lgeom -lpolylist -lbbox -linst -llist -ltlist -lvect  -lmesh -lquad  -lgeom -lbbox -lstub -lshade -lcolor -l3d -loogl  -lforms -lfm_s  -lgl_s -lm 
Can't locate file for: -lstubdraw
*** Error code 1

then it is due to a mistake that we just found in one of our
makefiles, namely in the file


where GEOMROOT is the root of the geomview source tree.  There
is a line in that file that says

LDFLAGS = -L/u/gcg/ngrap/lib/sgi \

but should be changed to say


if you make this change and type 'make depend' and then 'make all'
from the GEOMROOT directory things should work.

NOTE: the last character of the changed line should be the backslash
('\').  No trailing spaces.

Alternately you could re-ftp geomview.tar.Z which has now been fixed.

If you were having errors related to prototypes, then I don't know
what's wrong.  Please send the output of your "make" command to
software@geom.umn.edu and we'll figure it out.

Don't use gcc on the IRIS.  Geomview is supposed to work with plain cc.

> Moreover, I would like to have some guidance or even better - an
> example of how to use geomview from a program instead of
> interactively.

Once you get geomview compiled you can take a look at the example
programs (hinge, nose, trigp, eucsyms, graffiti) to see how to
use it with another program.  If you give us an idea of what
you want to do we can provide some more pointers.


Mark Phillips                   email: mbp at geom.umn.edu
The Geometry Center             phone: ((555) 555-5555
1300 South Second Street        fax:   ((555) 555-5555
Minneapolis, MN  55454

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