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No Subject

       (normalization id {each|none|all|keep})
	    Set	the normalization status of geom id.
	    "none" suppresses all normalization.
	    "each" normalizes the object's bounding box	to fit into the	unit
	       sphere, with the	center of its bounding box translated
	       to the origin.  Fitting the bounding box	into the unit sphere
	       implies that the	box is scaled until its	long diagonal,
	       sqrt((xmax-xmin)^2 + (ymax-ymin)^2 + (zmax-zmin)^2), is 2.
	    "all" resembles "each", except when	an object is changing
	       (e.g. when its geometry is being	changed	by an external program).

	       Then, "each" tightly fits the bounding box around the
	       object whenever it changes and normalizes accordingly,
	       while "all" normalizes the union	of all variants	of the object
	       and normalizes accordingly.

	    "keep" leaves the current normalization transform unchanged
	    when the object changes.  It may be	useful to apply	"each" or
	    "all" normalization	apply to the first version of a	changing
	    object to bring it in view,	then switch to "keep";
	    changes in size or position	of the object will be apparent.

If this is still unclear could you ask a more specific question?

   BUG(???):  I'm not quite sure what Sequence normalization is supposed to
   be doing, but when I have chosen it I've managed to lock the machine
   (Personal IRIS).  This has happened more than once, so I think it may be
   geomview doing it.

When you say "lock the machine", can you move the mouse and/or
windows, or is it total freezeup (i.e. the window server stops
working)? Is rebooting the only way to recover, or does logging out by
killing the window server (like with the "Vulcan death grip" key
sequence of (Ctl-Alt-Shift-F12-backslash on number pad)) fix things?

Tamara Munzner          ((555) 555-5555
munzner at geom.umn.edu    The Geometry Center  

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