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geomview installation

I wanted to install the lastest geomview version from the source, for
one thing so I could have control over where it looks for things
(instead of /u/gcg/grap/...) and also because I have the impression
that things like the Surface Evolver want the libraries, not just the
executable.  Maybe these impressions are wrong.

Anyway, I follow the procedure described; I set MORECOPTS = -g0 -O.
At a certain point I get       

	cc -g -float -prototypes -g0 -O -DMACHTYPE='"sgi"' -I../../../../include main.o oogl.o callbacks.o  -L../../../../lib/sgi   -lgeom -lquad -lpolylist -lvect -lbezier -lmesh -lvect  -linst -ltlist -llist -lbbox -lstub -lgeom -lbbox -lmg -lcamera -lwindow  -lshade -loogl -l3d -lcolor -lforms -lfm_s -lgl_s -lm -o example
		ln example ..
		cd geomutil ; make all
		cd bdy ; make all
		cd O.sgi ; make all
		rm -f bdy.o bdy.c
		ln ../bdy.c .
		cc -I.. -g  -I../../../../../include -I/usr/local/include -I..
	-c bdy.c
	accom: Error: bdy.c, line 15: Actual parameters count 1 while formal
	parameter count is 2
	  v = Bdy(o);
	*** Error code 1

	*** Error code 1

What is going on?
Also, are you sure that a -g0 option overrides the preceding -g?  It is
not stated explicitly in the man page, but it does say that presence of
a -g overrides any optimization.  This particular place evidently does
not see MORECOPTS.

I have OS 4.0.5 with compiler version 2.20, 2.40, or something like that.
I have a call in to SGI to get the latest 3.10 compilers: according to net
chat they are better, and I am not seeing the performance on my Crimson
that they advertised (eventually having new compilers is another reason
I thought to learn how to compile geomview myself).  I guess in the meantime
I will go back to the binaries.

						--Rob Almgren
						almgren at math.uchicago.edu

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