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geomview stereo

  • To: gfrancis
  • Subject: geomview stereo
  • From: slevy
  • Date: Mon, 14 Dec 92 15:49:10 CST

> Tamara,
> I'm starting to learn geomview. The occasion is a 
> collection of 200 meshes depicting a homotopy, 
> written by John Dalbec at MSRI/Cornell. I have 
> two questions:
> 1. I couldn't find any reference to stereopairs, 
> are there any in the compiled distribution package?
> If so, what's the secret word?

There's nothing in the distribution, but here (in a following message)
is a shell script geomview module that sets up stereo mode.  If you run it
manually it prints the following usage message:

Usage:  stereo [-crosseyed] [-hardware] [-toggle] [field-of-view(degrees)]
This geomview external module selects a stereo view, using a pair of windows
for either a crosseyed view or one suitable for Tektronix hardware stereo.
Stereo setup is done once each time the module is invoked; if you move a
camera (e.g. in fly mode) or reshape a window, you'll need to re-invoke it.
A message appears giving the nominal viewing distance; this depends on the
window size and angular field of view.  If the field of view is too large
(values > ~15 degrees are unpleasant), this module adjusts the field of view
to something reasonable & moves the camera back to roughly preserve the scene.
   -crosseyed   Make window for crosseyed viewing,
		   to the right of the current one (default)
   -hardware	Make a pair of vertically stacked windows, for Tektronix mode
   -toggle	Enable stereo if it was off, otherwise revert to normal
   FOV		field of view in degrees; default is 12.
Typical usage: put, say,
	(emodule-define  "Stereo"  "stereo -toggle 7")
in your .geomview file; then click on "Stereo" in the main panel to invoke.
Or, run   geomview -run stereo 7  --  ... other geomview parameters ...

The script is in /u/slevy/stereo at the moment.   At some point I'll add
support for this to geomview itself; until then, the two eyes' views won't
be updated synchronously, and you have to re-invoke the "stereo" module
when you move a camera or window (though not when you merely move objects).
I'll send the script in a separate mail message to you, George.

> 2. I'll have a variety of questions like #1, is it
> OK to continue bothering you with them, or do you
> have a ``generic'' mailbox for geomview queries 
> which is answered by whoever is currently in charge
> of such questions.

Yes, it's "software@geom.umn.edu", which all the geomview developers read.


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