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No Subject

Some troubles getting going.  I brought over the geomview-bin.tar.Z file but
found it didn't include the applications or any data files.  I brought over
the geomview.tar.Z file and John Sullivan located the trigrp application, but
it didn't link cause it couldn't find the libraries.  We eventually figured
that we needed to run installbin but that didn't solve the problem.  Looks like
the -I../../../../include has too many ../'s.

I'd like to not have to compile everything anyway.  'geomview' worked fine but
the default load paths were set up for geom.umn.edu environment instead of the
local environment.

I was doing this to show Jin-Yi Chi how to view hyperbolic space using geomview.
He needs to draw a hyperbolic solid torus to illustrate a paper on determining
lower bounds using a volume estimate.  The torus is constructed from a triangular
base with edges up to infinity (in the upper space model).  The 'sphere' is pierced 
by a "St. Louis arch" to make the torus.  The base is triangulated with hemispheres.

Once I get geomview all put together, what would be the best demo of geomview
displaying hyperbolic objects, preferably in the upper space model, though the
spherical model is ok.  Thanks.                        --Brad

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