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Several points

1) Whats the differance between 

	(write geometry .... )
	(write baregeometry .... )

in my version of geomview(1.2.4) they seem to give the give the same output
complete with the INST transform for the rotation I just applied.
How can I miss off this transformation.

2) After reading in a geometry with GeomFLoad can I alter its transformation
if so how?

3) This is the big one - when is some decent documentation about all
the oogl sub-routines going to appear. Having to look through lots
of include files for a routine which might just do what you want really
does not make for a happy programmer. For one how about a few hints
on the Geom data structure, and the logic behind it, what are the
usefull sub-routines, where is everything hidden in the source tree.
Yes I know documentations a bore but you are trying to produce a top
class bit of software here and sorry for unleashing my frustration.

4) Awkward problem form which no real answer is expected
I'd like to have my aplication running as a pipe between an-other
aplication and geomview. Hence it would like to pass the geomview
commands straight through, but when it finds an appropriate OOGL object
read it in, change it and then write the altered object out. Is there
anyway I can parse geomview commands easily. I take it GeomFLoad only
works on OOGL objects.

5) For celeste: I got hold of the pointlist package which seems to do
its job well, but it would be nice to alter my normals and posible
colours as well, is there any easy way to do this?

	Lots of Love


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