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[roseman: nextGeomview]

  • To: software
  • Subject: [roseman: nextGeomview]
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jan 93 14:12:13 CST

copy for software for the record ...

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 93 13:26:15 -0600
From: roseman
To: techstaff
Subject: nextGeomview

I've noticed a small quirks in gv on the NeXT.

1)  Begin gv and type "<" to bring up the load panel--doesn't work.  Even if I make  camera  
window current, won't work  But make the geomview panel the active panel and it does.

 However the symbol < appears in my shell window. Note: I have aliased gv to be "gv &".   
If I then exit, I see:

julia 18% gv
[1] 7132
julia 19% geomview: read /u/gcg/ngrap/data/.geomview-1.3
Missing name for redirect.
[1]    Done                 gv
julia 20% 

On the other hand, if I do the same procedure WILL work if I click within the camera  
window.  That is in the View.  I think this is the/one source of the problem--that having the  
Camera Window selected, but not the View results in non-transmission of keyboard  
generated messages.

2)  A highlighting problem:  Load an object --it will be called g1 and the target object is g0.   
Next type "g1" in the keyboard to select g1. Nothing changes in the geomview panel--go  
is still highlighted.  but now type "t" and the motion mode changes to Translate as shown  
by change in highlighting AND the change in target object registered by highlighting of   

I believe that the selection is in fact being done correctly.  I can use the keys to select a  
geom and delete it with "dd" and, even though it is not highlighted in the panel, it is  
deleted (after a brief highlighting). 


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