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[krech: Re: nextGeomview]

  • To: software
  • Subject: [krech: Re: nextGeomview]
  • From: munzner
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jan 93 16:25:36 CST

[For the record]

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 93 16:12:53 -0600
From: krech
To: roseman
Subject: Re: nextGeomview

>I've noticed a small quirks in gv on the NeXT.

>1)  Begin gv and type "<" to bring up the load panel--doesn't work.
>Even if I make  camera window current, won't work  But make the
>geomview panel the active panel and it does.

>However the symbol < appears in my shell window. Note: I have
>aliased gv to be "gv &".  If I then exit, I see:

>[Text deleted]

Actually, geomview does not get any keyboard events until it is the  
active app. Since you were starting up geomview from a shell window,  
the terminal application was the active app and remains the active  
app until another is activated. There are a number of ways to  
activate an app: click on one of the apps windows, double click on  
the apps Icon, hiding or quitting other apps, etc. So, I believe that  
this is why the "<" was showing up in your terminal window and not  
activating the open panel.

>2)  A highlighting problem:  Load an object --it will be called g1
>and the target object is g0.  Next type "g1" in the keyboard to
>select g1. Nothing changes in the geomview panel--go is still
>highlighted.  but now type "t" and the motion mode changes to
>Translate as shown by change in highlighting AND the change in
>target object registered by highlighting of  g1. 

>I believe that the selection is in fact being done correctly.  I can
>use the keys to select a geom and delete it with "dd" and, even
>though it is not highlighted in the panel, it is deleted (after a
>brief highlighting).

This behavior is no different than geomview on the sgi. Comparing  
behaviors; I have found to be a good test to see if: a bug is a NeXT  
geomview bug, a geomview bug, or just a misunderstood geomview  
behavior. In this case I think that it is just a misunderstood  
geomview behavior, which is, when typing "g1" only the target of on  
action is being specified and it is only when an action gets  
specified that g1 will (possible) get selected... A few such actions  
are "p" for pick, or "t" for translate, or even "d" for delete.


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