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Thanks for your message.  I've tried to provide solutions to your more
major problems.  I'm reluctant to start on anything too ambitious
right now, but I'll keep all your (very valuuable) suggestions in mind
- if something is really bugging you come harass me and I'll try to
fix it.

About the 3x3x3 grid - there's a place on the object panel to specify
the dimensions of the grid - is this of any help?  For polarGrid, I
found a 3x3x1 grid worked nicely.  It should probably do this
automatically, but I'm going to wait until the next release to
implement this.

About warping the widgets: for rather obscure Geomview reasons,
there's no real easy way to tell whether or not the current targetgeom
is a widget (there's no command language way to ask for the
targetgeom's real name).  As a step in the right direction, I have
changed the default name of the object to warp from "targetgeom" to
"g1."  This should work better in most cases, although there will
still be problems if the user has nothing named g1, or if g1 turns out
to be a widget.  Also, picking a widget when you are in "Create on
pick" mode no longer creates another widget on top of the old one
(for equally obscure reasons, it IS easy to tell what the name of an
object the user picked is and thereby determine whether or not it is a
widget).  I noticed a lot of people were accidentally doing this.

You're right about mentioning what a "widget" is in the documentation
- it now says something about that at the end of the second paragraph.

Hiding the widgets:  yes, this would be useful.  It's not quite as
easy as it would seem because of Geomview's treatment of appearances,
but it should be possible.  I'll put this on the "To Fix" list - if
it's a major inconvenience to you I can probably hurry up and get it

Color coded widgets:  Sounds neat.  It would be nice if the color of
the widget's name in the browser could match the color of the widget
in Geomview.  I'm not quite sure about the feasability of this on the

4d version:  also sounds neat.  I don't think I'll be able to embark
on this right away.

Thanks very much for your input.


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      • From: roseman
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