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[rdm at cfcl.com: PTF Bulletin: Issue 2-1 is in production]

  • To: software
  • Subject: [rdm at cfcl.com: PTF Bulletin: Issue 2-1 is in production]
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Sun, 31 Jan 93 11:17:34 CST

Sent to: mbp at geom.umn.edu

This news bulletin is sent twice a year to people that have purchased copies
of PTF, had email interaction with the PTF project, etc.  If you do not wish
to get these bulletins, please email a note to ptf at cfcl.com so we can remove
your name from the list.  By including the "Sent to:" line, found just above
this paragraph, you can give us a clear indication of which name to remove.

We try to use direct addresses, to avoid mailing list explosions.  If this
message came to you via an inappropriate mailing-list, PLEASE let us know
(again, including the "Sent to:" line), so we can track it down.  If you are
getting multiple copies, or if we have a faulty address for you, let us know
the address(es) involved, and which one you prefer.

 - Rich Morin, rdm at cfcl.com

	  Prime Time Freeware, Volume 2, Number 1 (PTF 2-1)

PTF continues to be aimed at adventurous UNIX programmers.  To build PTF 2-1,
we started with PTF 1-2, updating everything to the latest version we could
find.  Then we added several hundred megabytes of new material.  The result
would not fit on two CD-ROMs, so we deleted some large, stable items:

  Andrew, CLU, Columbia Kermit, comp.sources.*, Cygnus Solaris-2 and Vintage
  Releases, GRASS, ISODE, LispView, Magic, MLX, NCSA Sample Data, RSK's 
  Golden Oldies, Postie Pat, T, UnixTeX, wframe, WRL Modula-2, and X11R5

If you happen to need one of these, don't worry; we still sell PTF 1-2.  If
you already have a copy of PTF 1-2, hang onto it.  You'll probably go back
to it on occasion.  [N.B., PTF 1-2 is available to domestic customers, but
we have suspended all foreign shipments due to an export question.]  If the
copies of comp.sources.* on PTF 1-2 are not current enough for your needs,
we suggest you look into the 1993 NetGems disc:

  Sterling Software     1404 Fort Crook Rd. South     +1 402-291-8300
  kent at sterling.com     Bellevue, NE  68005  USA      +1 402-291-4362 (FAX)

In summary, about 2/3 of PTF 2-1 is new; the rest is updated from PTF 1-2.
Once again, we are pleased that there is no increase in price.  We take our
motto (Quality freeware; affordable prices) very seriously.  By delivering
two discs of compressed archives, we can give you a lot of software for your
money.  We want to be your favorite distributor of UNIX-related freeware;
send us (ptf at cfcl.com) your comments and suggestions.  Now for the details:

  1)	The issue consists of two ISO-9660 CD-ROMs, bound into a 50+ page
	booklet.  Each disc contains 600 MB of compressed archives, notes,
	etc.  The issue unpacks to over 3 GB (3000 MB).

  2)	PTF is primarily a collection of UNIX-related freeware source code.
	Here are some of the larger items, including their compressed sizes:

  KB (C)   PTF Directory Name		Package Name
  ======   ==================		============

  299508   docprep/format/tex/uk	UK TeX Archive
   82198   language/modula_3/src	SRC Modula-3
   81650   math/netlib			NetLib Archive (math and sim.)
   78792   icot				ICOT (5th Gen. AI Code)
   36548   window/i_views		InterViews (UI dev. system)
   36540   language/lisp/scheme/scheme	Scheme Language
   34040   cad/ee/ptolemy		Ptolemy (HW CAD and sim. system)
   26964   math/stat/statlib		StatLib Archive (statistics.)
   26206   gnu/cygnus/progress		Cygnus Progressive Release
   19773   database/postgres/postgres	POSTGRES RDBMS
   18046   language/lisp/cmucl		CMU Common Lisp
   15752   desktop/s_sheet/analy	AnalytiCalc
   15457   language/icon/icon		Icon Language
   12748   language/tcl/barkley		Barkley Tcl/Tk Archive
   12478   language/self		Self Language
   12070   gnu/djgpp			G++ (etc.) for DOS
   11710   docprep/edit/emacs/lucid	Lucid Emacs
   11672   window/x11/gopath		GoPATH (UI Dev. System)
   11137   language/c/gcc		GCC (C++ compiler, etc.)
   11134   language/ml/smlnj		Std. ML of New Jersey

  3)	Price: $60 US, plus shipping, handling, and applicable taxes.  SUG
	and USENIX members may purchase the issue for $50.  Contact us for
	unusual cases, quantity discounts, etc.  Please note:

	  California orders must include 7% to help with sales tax.
	  Add $5 per order for Domestic (USA) Shipping and Handling. 
	  Add $10 per unit (limited to $25 per order) for Foreign S/H.

	  We accept Mastercard and Visa, postal money orders in US funds,
	  and checks in US funds THAT ARE PAYABLE THROUGH A US BANK.

  4)	The PTF Buying Plan (described below) gives regular purchasers a 30%
	discount.  Please consider joining the plan if you intend to buy PTF
	on a regular basis.

Inquiries and orders may be sent (no email orders, please) to:

  Prime Time Freeware     370 Altair Way, Suite 150     Tel: +1 408-738-4832
  ptf at cfcl.com            Sunnyvale, CA  94086  USA     Fax: +1 408-738-2050

  ________ copies ________ each = ________ + tax = ________ + S/H = ________

  Visa/MC ______________________________ Exp. ____________ Buying Plan _____

  Purchaser      ___________________________________________________________

  Organization   ___________________________________________________________

  Street Address ___________________________________________________________
  (No PO Boxes!)
  City,State,Zip ___________________________________________________________

  Country        ___________________________________________________________

  Phone, Email   ___________________________________________________________


			The PTF Buying Plan

Under the plan, you authorize shipment of up to two PTF issues per year.  We
ship each issue as soon as it is ready, charging your credit card 70% of the
list price, plus applicable tax and S/H charges.  You have two weeks to try
out the issue.  If you like it, fine.  Otherwise, return it to us in good
condition.  We will credit your card with a full refund.

Either of us (yourself or PTF) may cancel this agreement at any time.  PTF
may cancel the agreement without notice.  You must notify us, however, so
that we remove you from the Plan.  To join, use the form above, checking the
PTF Buying Plan slot.


Still with us?  OK, here are a few special requests:

  1)	If you have a major package on PTF, or if you were an active member
	of the Advisory Board over the last six months, you are eligible for
	a complementary issue.  Let us know if you think you qualify, and
	why.  We will be doing our own homework, but may well miss someone
	if we are not reminded.

  2)	If you have expertise in a particular discipline, and would like to
	be on the Advisory Board, please let us know.  We need area experts
	who can direct us to interesting freeware packages, point out errors,
	and so forth.

  3)	We're looking for technical bookstores with a strong UNIX focus.  (If
	a store has two dozen UNIX-related titles, it is a good candidate.)
	If you know of such a store in your area (or elsewhere :-), please
	let us know.  We will try to convince them to carry PTF.

  4)	If you are interested in reselling PTF, please let us know.  We offer
	all the usual sorts of discounts and terms.  With a new issue coming
	out, now is a *very* good time to become a PTF reseller.

  5)	If you are part of a club or organization that could use (or resell)
	multiple copies of PTF, please get in touch.  Our quantity discounts
	can make this a very attractive way to buy.

Yours, Rich Morin			   rdm at cfcl.com (Internet)
Proprietor, PTF				+1 415-873-7841 (voice/fax)

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