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Thank you for your interest in Geomview.  Geomview is a visualization
tool written at the Geometry Center for viewing three- and
four-dimensional geometric structures.  It runs on Silicon Graphics
Iris workstations.  Geomview supports several file formats, several of
which might be suitable for your data.  The most versatile is the
polylist data type, which consists of a list of vertices connected by

When you refer to "slices of data," it seems like you are talking
about a volume rendering problem.  Is this the case?  Geomview was
designed for data that could be represented as polygons, although a
way to use it to solve your problem could probably be found.

Geomview is available via anonymous ftp from geom.umn.edu
(  Please do not hesitate to mail other questions and
problems to software@geom.umn.edu (this is a mail alias for everyone
who works on Geomview).


Celeste Fowler			email:  fowler at geom.umn.edu
The Geometry Center		phone:  ((555) 555-5555
1300 South Second Street
Minneapolis, MN  55454


Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 16:49:09 EST
From: smlee at ams.sunysb.edu (Sang-moon Lee)
To: fowler at geom

							Sang-Moon Lee
							Dept. of AMS at SUNY
							Stony brook, NY 11794

	Dear, Celeste Fowler.
	Hello, My name is Sang-moon Lee studying Applied Mathe. at SUNY at Stony Brook.
	Recently, I talked with Mr. Hbeltran (hector), who you've talked, about 3-D images work. He suggest me to ask you about geomview package.
	Frankly speaking, I don't know anything about it. 
	What I am doing right now is working on "Pore Structure and Genus of Pore in 3-D images". Hbeltran told he used "geomview" to view the 3-D images.
	I have data sets that I think it could fit in. 
	Each pore sturcture has 40~50 slices of data, using these data sets I have to view the images. And for "Genus" case, it calculated and have values of "tree" shape.

	I need your advise and informations.

	Thank you very much.

					Sincerely yours,

						Sang-moon Lee

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