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questions and comments

Hi there people,

	We've just got the new version of geomview 1.3.1 and a few comments
relating to it.

1)	Replace does not seem to work from the file panel it does the
	same as add when you are trying to replace a geometry by
	a modified versions of the same file.

2)	It would be nice to have the source distribution, or for an
	intemediate step the library/include/makefiles/tools so that
	we can write our own aplications.

3)	Something odd seems to happen with translate sometimes, when
	there are two geometries desplayed and you try to translate
	one of them, it occasionally disapears off the screen, to appear
	in a very different place.

4)	For the 4dviewer it would be nice to input objects from
	geomview's target menu, rather than having to save them in a file
	and then load them into 4dview.

5)	It might be nice to load and save tranformations from the

Apart from those points its proving to be a useful piece of software.

Now a slightly non trivial task. I'd like to look at objects in projective
4 space, where the 4 cordinates are all significant but
	(x,y,z,w) == (-x,-y,-z,-w)
any hints on how to do it.

	happy hacking


p.s. The next version of our surface generating package will be allong soon,
it include algebraic/parametrised curves/surfaces mapping from 3D to 3D,
focal surfaces, and if i can work in RP^4 duals of surfaces.

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