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Syndesis 3D-ROM

Announcing a spectacular demonstration of a new 3D translation
technology called InterChange Plus...

The "Syndesis 3D-ROM" is a CDROM collection of more than 500 freely
distributable 3D models, all present in AutoCAD DXF, 3D Studio,
Wavefront .obj, Video Toaster LightWave and Impulse's Imagine
PC/Amiga formats.  It's also got more than 400 tileable, wrappable
texture maps.  It includes a fully indexed, cross-referenced catalog
of the objects.

The disc includes demonstration models from companies such as
Viewpoint Animation Engineering.  All 28 Viewpoint demo models are
present, including the yet-unreleased Siggraph 93 set.  More demo
objects were contributed by Noumenon Labs, VRS Media, Mira Imaging
and other commercial modeling companies.

The 3D-ROM is a demonstration of the translation abilities of
InterChange Plus, Syndesis's system for converting between 3D file
formats.  InterChange Plus translates between AutoCAD DXF, 3D Studio,
Digital Arts, Wavefront, Swivel, Sculpt, VideoScape, LightWave,
Imagine, CAD-3D, PAGErender and Vista DEM formats.  Soon to come is
support for StereoLithography, Macromedia 3DGF, Super 3D, Alias
StyleGuide, Topas, Softimage, Inventor and Vertigo formats.  All
material and hierarchy information is preserved as best as possible.

This ISO-9660 disc is fully accessible from MS-DOS, Macintosh, Amiga
and Unix workstations.

If you'd like to find out about this CDROM, we'd be glad to add you
to our mailing list.  See us at Siggraph 93!

Syndesis Corporation
P.O. Box 65
235 South Main Street
Jefferson, WI 53549
((555) 555-5555
((555) 555-5555 FAX

Compuserve 76004,1763
Internet 76004.1763 at compuserve.com

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