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Geomview for NeXT

	I am the system administrator for the Brigham Young University Department  
of Mathematic's NeXT and HP computer labs and an undergraduate student in  
mathematics and electrical engineering.  There is a lot of work being done to  
expand the computer facilities of the math department in order to look at new  
ways of teaching and researching mathematics. Our Assistant Chair, Dr. Gerald  
Armstrong pointed out a column about Geomview in the October 1993 volume of  
Notices of the American Mathematical Society.  Both of us are quite interested in  
this software.  I have downloaded it for the NeXT lab and have sent the SGI  
source to Jan Petersen, the system administrator over the entire math department,  
because many of our faculty have SGI machines in their offices.  We will be sure  
to give whatever constructive feedback we think of, and in return I would like to  
be kept up on future ports and versions of this and other software being  
developed at the Geometry Center.  We just received 15 HP 9000/715 machines and  
we have ordered 13 486DX2/66 machines to run NeXTSTEP, Mathematica, Maple and  
other mathematical software.  You can undoubtably see my interest in a port of  
Geomview to NS/FIP.  My own areas of research are Linear Algebra, Numerical  
Analysis and Signal Analysis. I use computers extensively as tools in these areas  
and will be choosing one of these fields for graduate work.

Thank You,

Paul M. Cardon
Brigham Young University

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