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Re: miscellaneous Geomview bugs...

  • To: daeron, software (Geometry Center Software Development Group)
  • Subject: Re: miscellaneous Geomview bugs...
  • From: slevy
  • Date: Sat, 30 Oct 93 19:08:25 -0500

Thanks for the report!

> Daeron's Bug List:

> When in "[le] Edit Lights" mode, if you have an empty world and you load
> any object, it shows up with a g2 tag rather than a g1 tag.

> GL version: When you select an object and then try modifying edge color through
> the color modification panel, if you select "Cancel" on the color panel,
> the edge button stays pushed in even though you haven't modified the edge color.

> In zoom mode, if you zoom way out it makes the FOV go negative and the
> object you were looking at comes back upside down and backwards ... wheee!
> (only has been shown to work on an Indigo II)

The first two would be hard to fix, and none seem really critical to me,
so I'm ignoring them.

> In spherical mode with lights visible, the light lines do not reflect
> any color changes that are actually occuring in the lights; they simply stay
> black.  Also, in hyperbolic mode the lighting is not working properly.

Funny.  The light lines seem the right color to me, i.e. they match the
button's color.

Hyperbolic and spherical (software) shading -- was really broken, and has
been for a long time I guess, wherever there were lights outside the unit
sphere (as our default lights all are).  It's now somewhat fixed, i.e.
it works in the common cases, though it's unreliable for lights attached
to objects.  Somebody should fix this someday.

> When you have two (or more) cameras, picking does not work in any but the
> first camera (c0). I.e. picking works in Camera 0 but if you try to pick
> something in camera 1 you always get world as picked.

> GL version :Start geomview. Load in an object (arch.oogl). Select the Camera
> (c0) from target browser.  Open appearance panel. Select edges. As you modify
> the edge color, notice that it also modifies the bounding box color of the arch!

Both are now fixed.

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