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Re: geomview pb with mma

> From luciole!babar at uunet.uu.net Thu Nov 18 01:14:09 1993
> Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 23:08:16 PST
> From: luciole!babar at uunet.uu.net (Jean-Pierre Hebert)
> To: slevy at geom.umn.edu
> Subject: Re: geomview pb with mma
> I had sent you back in august two
> examples of mma graphics code which 
>   -worked well with gl.m or with live
>   -could not come up with geomview
> have you checked them and have you any
> diagnostic on what the problem can be ?
> or a solution ?
> thank you

Ah, OK, I've just checked them.  Found the problem with one case:
Mathematica was occasionally writing numbers with embedded newlines,
which confused the software.  It's not fixed in the new release,
but you can grab some files from our anonymous FTP directory:
    priv/slevy/math2oogl	(Iris binary)
    priv/slevy/math2oogl.c	(source for the same)

For the second case -- the vector field plus what seem to be a collection
of flow lines -- I think there may be nothing wrong, except that the
interesting parts are hard to see.  Running your example code shows a
long narrow spike in the geomview window.

When I turn normalization off (put the cursor in a graphics window and type N,
or select None on the Obscure panel), the inner part of the spike becomes
visible -- showing the collection of arrows and curves.  The only problem
seems to be that the extreme ends of some of the curves are very far away,
so when geomview tries to display the entire scene, the interesting part
is very small.

When normalization is off, you see by default a region of about unit size
around the origin, and can scale the object or fly the camera around to
adjust the view.


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