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Dear colleague

> Could you  send
> me a copy to my e-mail address. Thanking you in advance

Geomview is too large to ship via a mail message.  Do you have access
to Internet ftp?  If so you can retrieve it via anonymous ftp; I'll
include the section of the manual which explains how to do this below.

What kind of workstation are you interested in having Geomview for?

Mark Phillips


Obtaining Geomview

Geomview is available free via anonymous ftp from Internet host
`geom.umn.edu', IP address  The Geomview
distribution files are in the `pub/software/geomview' subdirectory.
They are all tar archive files (`.tar' or `.tar.Z' files), so
you should use binary mode in ftp for transferring them to your site.

The main files are

     The SGI binary distribution. Contains executables for running
     on any Silcon Graphics IRIS workstation, plus documentation
     and example files.

     The NeXTStep binary distribution.  This contains fat binaries which
     will run on either a NeXT workstation running NeXTStep 3.0 or 3.1,
     or a 486 PC running NeXTStep 3.1.  Also contains documentation and
     example files.  This {.tar} file is not compressed because it
     contains the distribution compressed into a NeXT Installer package,
     and further compression actually increases the size of the file.
     To unpack `geomview-next.tar' on a NeXT, simple double-click on it
     in the Workspace.

     The source code distribution; contains source code so you can compile
     Geomview and the distributed external modules on either an SGI or on a
     NeXT workstation running NeXTStep 3.0 or 3.1, or a 486 PC running
     NeXTStep 3.1.  Also contains documentaion and examples files.

Each of the above archive files contains the entire distribution:
executables or source for Geomview itself, plus all distributed external
modules, example data files, and documentation.  These archive files are
therefore rather large.  If you do not have enough disk space on your
workstation for the entire distribution, various pieces of the
distribution are available separately in the
`pub/software/geomview/pieces' subdirectory.  See the file
`README' in that directory for details.

After retrieving any of the distribution archive files, you can
unpack it with a command like the following
     % uncompress < geomview-sgi.tar.Z | tar xvopf -
This will unpack the contents of the archive file into
a subdirectory named `Geomview'.  Once unpacked, you
can delete the archive file.

The following is a sample ftp session for retreiving and unpacking the
SGI binary distribution.  After unpacking, see the file `README'
for more information.

     artin% ftp geom.umn.edu
     Connected to geom.umn.edu.
     220 cameron FTP server (Version 5.88 Thu Jun 25 16:41:41 CDT 1992) ready.
     Name (geom.umn.edu:mbp): anonymous
     331 For password please enter your e-mail address or name and institution.
     Password:mbp at geom.umn.edu

     230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
     ftp> cd pub/software/geomview
     250 CWD command successful.
     ftp> binary
     200 Type set to I.
     ftp> get geomview-sgi.tar.Z
     200 PORT command successful.
     150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for geomview-sgi.tar.Z (5815980 bytes).
     226 Transfer complete.
     local: geomview-sgi.tar.Z remote: geomview-sgi.tar.Z
     5815980 bytes received in 28.67 seconds (1.98e+02 Kbytes/s)
     ftp> quit
     221 Goodbye.
     artin% ls -l
     total 5680
     -rw-rw-r--  1 mbp      5815980 Aug 19 16:38 geomview-sgi.tar.Z
     artin% uncompress < geomview-sgi.tar.Z | tar xvopf -
     x ./CHANGES, 16910 bytes, 34 tape blocks
     artin% rm geomview-sgi.tar.Z

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