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[glassner at parc.xerox.com: geomview 1.4.1]

  • To: software, am at geom, levy at geom
  • Subject: [glassner at parc.xerox.com: geomview 1.4.1]
  • From: mbp
  • Date: Wed, 8 Dec 93 16:38:58 -0600

Hi!  Thanks for the new version - I've just brought it over.  I use geomview
to look at the results of new interactive modeling algorithms, currently
designed around shape grammars and programmed developmental simulations.

I use geomview to see the results of my modeling algorithms.

There is no question in my mind that geomview has helped me in several
important ways: I'm more productive (I don't have to write all that viewing
code), my work is better (I can concentrate on my work, not the system
support), and my results look better (I can tune the point of view,
lighting, materials, and other parameters for the most effective display
of my results).  

I support geomview and its continued development strongly.

-Andrew Glassner

PS Now that the NSF support material is all there (!), I noticed that the
polygon-smoothing code I sent you isn't in the current release.  Was there
a problem with the code, or did you determine it not be be sufficiently
useful for general distribution?

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