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bug in new Geomview?

hi  i had the last (i forget which) version of Geomview running
on my NeXT network.  i just installed the new version on both
our sgi and our NeXTs.  on our NextDimension's, when you launch
it, the workspace freezes up before you can do anything and logs
you out.  i tried the app on a mono cube and a color turbo slab.
it ran fine on those.

the following errors come up on the console (after i log back
in...).  perhaps they can be of some use.

kelley wittmeyer
dept of atmospheric science
colorado state university

-----------------console log-------------------------
i860 vm_fault() result == 1
NeXTdimension Trap: Memory Access, Problem is Unallocated/Invalid Addr
Address 0x40000000, PC 0xf8076ca8 read access.
r4   e047fe58 r5          a r6          1 r7   f80b9450 

r8    267022c r9   16510001 r10         0 r11         3 

r12  16510001 r13         0 r14  f8073044 r15   2670200 

r16  e047fe58 r17         1 r18  40000000 r19   2a22440 

r20   26a0b30 r21  3f4ccccd r22  f80bd004 r23  aaaaaaaa 

r24        17 r25   2120f58 r26         1 r27  ffff0000 

r28  40000000 r29       5b3 r30  31000081 r31  f80c0000 

r1   f8076cac sp   e047fe40 fp   e047ff58 db          0 

psr     e0824 pc   f8076ca8 

0xf8083ad4:	0xf8076ca8()
0xf807c38c:	0xf8083ad4()
0xf808a3ec:	0xf807c38c()
0xf8079fe0:	0xf808a3ec()
0xf807627c:	0xf8079fe0()
0xf80731a8:	0xf807627c()
0xf8001ba4:	0xf80731a8()
0x0:	0xf8001ba4()
Dec  8 15:51:08 Workspace[26442]: Exiting due to Window Server death

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