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Re: Final release of Geomview 1.4.1

I had mentioned that I saw some nice-looking Sun graphics hardware.
Stuart replied:
-> Do you mean the Evans & Sutherland Freedom stuff?  No, and we probably won't.
-> Remember that most of the cost of a system is in its software.  If we bought
-> some totally new Sun graphics hardware, no matter how spiffy, it'd be a
-> terrific amount of work before we could put it to good use.  (Also, the
-> hardware is not cheap -- the base price for the Freedom accelerators is
-> comparable to what we pay for a whole high-end Indigo, and the accelerator
-> price doesn't include a Sun!)

I'm not sure this is what I saw.  I saw something that had been code-named
"Leo", and is now out in some machines on sale since August which I think
were called Sparc ZX and Sparc 10ZX, but I might be wrong on the letters.
The educational price for the smaller one (still a complete machine with
hard disk and monitor and everything) was supposed to be about $12K.
And it supposedly ran very fast xgl, which I thought is what we were now
porting geomview to run with.


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