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> When trying to run graffiti, the draw button appears to be missing.

OOps.  This is my fault.  The graffiti man page is out of date.  I
updated the program to remove the "draw" button because it was
unnecessary, and I forgot to update the man page.  Just ignore what
the man page says about the "draw" button.  When graffiti comes up,
it's already in "draw" mode.  You can start drawing immediately by
clicking the right mouse button with the cursor on an object (try
"square.quad" for starters).  The "New Line" button causes the current
polyline to be terminated and lets you start a new line.  You can also
terminate the current polyline by clicking on its tail, which closes
it up.

> Also, triangle groups does not load, nor has any explanation in the
> man pages.

Once again, we're not on our toes wrt documentation.  The module
labelled "Triangle Groups" in the Geomview MODULES browser is actually
called "trigrp" internally, and so the manual page is "trigrp.1".
It should be in your Geomview/man/cat1 directory.

As for it not loading, can you say more specifically what happens?
It's supposed to let you size out a window called "trigrp",
and then display a tiled pattern in the Geomview "Camera" window.
What happens on your machine?


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