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Re: 3d pre and post processor

  • To: bomme at elgc.epfl.ch
  • Subject: Re: 3d pre and post processor
  • From: daeron
  • Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 9:28:42 CST
  • In-Reply-To: <199401131507.AA12420 at cameron.geom.umn.edu>; from "bomme at elgc.epfl.ch" at Jan 13, 94 3:57 pm

> Dear Sir,
> As our project concerns the development of a 3D pre and post ptrocessor 
> dedicated to civil engineering applications, we are looking for a tool
> on which this development could be based. It should be implemented in C++, and
> it should have some geometrical and/or graphical capabilities.
> So I would like to know if you can provide a such tool, in this case
> could you please send me more information on it.

We have a public domain visualization package called "Geomview".
It was written for the purpose of interactively viewing geometry.
In addition to providing interactive control over a world of objects
via the mouse and keyboard, geomview has an interpreted language of
commands for controlling almost every aspect of its display. It can
execute files containing statements in this language, and it can
communicate with other programs using this language. The other
programs often take the form of external modules which extend the
capabilities of Geomview.

Although Geomview is object oriented in many ways, it is implemented
in C, not C++. There are probably several reasons for this. Many
people here and from around the world believe that C++ is not truly
object oriented. A major problem with writing programs in C++ is
that there is no final word on the official specification for the
language yet. This makes porting applications written in C++ very

Geomview currently runs on the SGI and NeXT platforms. There is also
an X-window version being worked on and there is already a sun X11
beta binary available. If this sounds like something of interest
to you feel free to grab a copy by ftping it from:

login = anonymous
pass = your-email

binary mode (bin):


also there is a postscript manual (120+ pages):


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