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To Mr.Phillips

  • To: software@geom
  • Subject: To Mr.Phillips
  • From: dug at ipk.msk.su (Dadaev Uriy G.)
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jan 94 11:19:52 +0200 (XXX)
  • Organization: Institute of Cybernetics Problems

Dear Mr.Phillips,

Thanks for your reply and supplied information.

I got the first information on Geomview from Notices of the
AMS(Oct.1993, v.40, #8). The information from your article
as well as that from your message sounds really very 
interesting cause of my current investigations.

My idea consists in creating general purpose object-oriented
tool which will enable visualization of results of physical
experiments held within the specified geometry. It is thought
as a tool for mathematicians and students to held an experiment
upon defined geometry, get corresponding numerics and visualize
it. The whole problem raughly can be splitted in several parts,
- that handling and displaying the geometry of the object upon
which the experiment is held or physical phenomenon is studied,
(as far as visualizing the final numerics got after running
numerical solver),
- discretizing the specified geometry and constructing
computational meshes(quadrilateral, triangular, mixed and so
on) in the purpose of further computation,
- assembling matrices and vectors, running numerical solver.

I wouldn't describe the problem in more detail now. I can do it
later if you like. Anyhow I will try to build the mentioned
application on the base of Geomview.  The place of Geomview is
seen very clear in the specified problem.  Surely the
application would't be the direct one, the new data types will
be needed(say, triangular meshes or these with data).  Anyhow it
is question of research, isn't it?

One more question for further discussion - how to organize
interaction between Geomview and mesh generator. Whether mesh
generator should be incorporated in Geomview to provide the
data types which will enable the further numerics or not?  May
be it will be enough just to provide data types such as
MeshWithData and visualize numerical data on its basys.  In this
case the interaction with mesh generator and numerical solver
from one side and Geoview from the other might be treated
according to the mechanism of "external modules". I don't know

Be sure, that I'm really interested in starting using Geomview
and getting into it. I have SPARC1+ workstation at my
disposal(to be precise, not in the disposal, but it is
accessible). As for access to Internet ftp I don't have it.
I would appreciate sending both of manual and program itself
through the mail. In my opinion EMS GarantPost or DHL Post
Service are preferable to provide security of the matter and
reasonable delivery time.

I'll appreciate to know your considerations upon the above

Thanks once more for your message! I'm looking forward to
hearing from you.

                           Sergei Lyssanov

P.S. Please note in the field "subject" of email message
"For S.Lyssanov".

/*  Sergei Lyssanov        Institute of Problems in Cybernetics
*   email: dug at ipk.msk.su  Russian Academy of Sciences
*   phone: ((555) 555-5555  ul.Vavilova 37
*   fax:   ((555) 555-5555  Moscow 117312
*                          RUSSIA

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