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geomview development

Hello Geomview developers,

We are beginning development of a geometry viewer that has requirements
which include:
  provides a graphical user interface
  accepts NURBS data for surface definitions
  is portable to a wide variety of systems (SUN, DEC, HP, SGI, others)

We have been looking at Geomview and it looks like a great tool!  We think
that it could form a good basis for the viewer that we need to design.
By making some modifications and adding some extensions to meet our
requirements, we think we could save us a lot of development time.

The portability that we need would be obtained by using X for the GUI, and
HOOPS for the graphics display (We're going to get run-time licenses for
HOOPS, and it will run on all the systems mentioned; that way we'll avoid
having to write different drivers for each system).

I've been looking a little at the source for the SGI version, but what we
would really need is the X11 source (to avoid use of FORMS).  Also, do you
have any information on how the source is organized?  I'm also a little
confused about how the different levels are built on each other:  MG, OOGL,
and geomview itself.  What would be really useful here is any overview or
design documents that you could share with us.

We appreciate any help you can give us.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Mary B. Vickerman    vickerman at lerc.nasa.gov    ((555) 555-5555
Computer Graphics Branch,  NASA Lewis Research Center,  Cleveland, OH

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