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Re: geomview development

Hi Daeron,

Thanks for your reply to my e-mail requesting more info on Geomview.
As I said in my previous e-mail, we will be porting geomview to HOOPS,
which you suggested we do by writing an mg-HOOPS driver.  For the user
interface, we will probably end up writing our own (because we have to
provide a user-extensible interface to allow support for several different
applications).  So we don't really need the X11 version for anything more
than testing our HOOPS driver on systems other than SGIs (probably SUNs to
begin with).

You said that you may be able to release the source for the X11 version of
Geomview "fairly soon".  Do you have a date set for this yet?  The reason
I'm asking is that because of some tight deadlines, we have to get working on
this within the next few weeks.

I realize that you don't want to release source for the beta version, but if
it's going to be more than a few weeks, I hope you could consider giving us
access to the X11 beta source with the understanding that it would only be
used for testing purposes during our development of the HOOPS driver.  This
would let us get started right away developing and testing the HOOPS driver
without having to worry about the GUI just yet.  BTW, is the only difference
between the X11 and the SGI/FORMS versions in the GUI?  (It looks like
the calls for the forms stuff are all isolated in the directory
GEOMROOT/src/bin/geomview/gl.  Is this true for the X11 version also -- of
course possibly under a different subdirectory than gl?)

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks again
Mary B. Vickerman    vickerman at lerc.nasa.gov    ((555) 555-5555
Computer Graphics Branch,  NASA Lewis Research Center,  Cleveland, OH

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