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Re: ?Load/Save panels of xgeomview?

> hi, can some experts of xgeomview help me with this:
> i am trying to compile & install xgeomview these days in an enviroment of 
> SunSparc2 with solaris2.3. the process of compiling & installation proceeds 
> successfully. but when i run it, i found the Load panel and Save panel are 
> frozen, no response for my interactions. i got the copy from your ftp site
>  before Feb. 20. could you give me some hints about it?
> thanx again
> yigong

Hello Yigong,

  In the future, it would be nice if you could direct all requests about
the X11 interface to me, since I'm the only one working on it and no one
else knows much about it. Thanks!

Now, about this load/save problem. What exactly do you mean by
"frozen, no response for my interactions?". Are you unable to load
files with the load panels? Does double clicking on a filename in the
right browser or typing the filename into the "Selection" text box
and pressing return, not work? Also, which version of Motif did you compile
with, Motif 1.1 or 1.2 and which revisions of the X-intrinsics and Xlib
libraries are you using?


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