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Re: printing

  • To: rachelb at stat.rice.edu (Rachel Boeckenhauer)
  • Subject: Re: printing
  • From: slevy
  • Date: Thu, 5 May 94 16:02:07 -0500

> From rachelb at stat.rice.edu Wed May  4 22:36:17 1994
> From: rachelb at stat.rice.edu (Rachel Boeckenhauer)
> Subject: printing
> To: geomview-users at geom
> Date: Wed, 4 May 94 22:36:13 CDT
> I am new to geomview, following some *very* brief experience with Minneview, 
> and I am trying to find out if there is a good way to print out geomview 
> pictures on a color printer, in particular making sure that the background 
> color is white.  Any help that anyone could give me on this would be *greatly*
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Rachel K. Boeckenhauer
> rachelb at stat.rice.edu

Two good ways to do this:

   1) Try the PS Snapshot module.  It doesn't produce an exact copy, but it
    can look pretty good.  I believe its background is white.

   2) You can set the background color either with the control on the
	Cameras panel (type "1 1 1" into the input field to get true white)
	or by typing "(backcolor allcams 1 1 1)" into the Commands panel.
	Then use the "SGI snapshot" selection on the Save panel.
	To make pixel artifacts less noticeable, it helps to make the
	geomview window large before snapshotting.

General note: it's best to send specific technical questions like this to
software@geom.umn.edu -- the developers -- rather than geomview-users at geom.umn.edu
-- which goes to zillions of people.

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