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problems under AIX

I just compiled geomview on both my home 'puter, a 486/33 using linux
1.0.8, XFree-2.1, Motif-1.2.3 (from MetroLink).  It took a while to compile,
since some of the options did not get changed from -g to -O2 (I don't know
why) and I am mysteriously missing the static version of libX11.  Also, one of
the functions that was supposedly changed between 0.99.14 and 1.0 was not 
changed -- at least on my 1.0.8/gcc-2.5.8 machine. 

No matter, it did compile, it works, and the display knocked my socks off.
It did choke on the klein bottle figure, even with 8 megs real ram and
20 meg swap (I know, that's not really very much...).

I tried to compile it on my office machine (rs6000/320H, AIX-3.2.?).  It
compiled much easier (only one misdirected include file to include/X11/Xm/*
rather than /include/Xm/*  (the same occurred in linux)).  However, it
dumps core every time I try to load anything.  geomview itself will
start, but geomview filename will dump core, as will choosing anything on the
file -- open   menu.

Is this a known problem?

David L. Johnson                             ID:  dlj0 at lehigh.edu
Department of Mathematics
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18015       Telephone: 610-758-3759 (office)
                                                        610-828-3708 (home)
MS-DOS: Just say No!

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