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[zhao at bragg.phys.uwm.edu: ]

  • To: techstaff, software
  • Subject: [zhao at bragg.phys.uwm.edu: ]
  • From: munzner
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jul 94 14:08:42 -0500

[Check it out: an X version of Forms to appear soon... -Tamara]

Sender: forms-request at cs.ruu.nl
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 02:19:41 -0500
From: "T.C. Zhao" <zhao at bragg.phys.uwm.edu>
To: forms at cs.ruu.nl

I would like to let all you form-ers know that I am working on an Xlib
version the FORMS (no, it is not an IrisGL in X thing). It compiles
and runs on all the platforms I have access to (Crays, Convex, DECsystem,
SGI, Sun SparcIPC, IBM RS/6000 and Pentium/Linux). I have tested it
under twm, fvwm, olwm, olvwm and ctwm under Linux, Sun and couple of
X terminals. It appears working OK in TrueColor, PseudoColor and
Grayscale visuals although more testing is needed. One limitation
in current implementation (possibly will remain) is that FORMS
demands at least a color depth of 8.

FORM designer also works ok. I am currently trying to clean 
up the code and also possibly optimize the X specific code a 
little more (well, actually there are a lot to be done
to make it go faster).

The X version of FORMS is completely user-level compatible with the 
IrisGL version, i.e., all UIs written by fdesigner will work
exactly the same, including colors (although you might need to
load the .fd files into the new fdesigner and spit it out again
in some cases). XResources handling is currently very weak,
only gamma is supported (my Sun is setting with a fading monitor).

I SHOULD be able to distribute the first version before the end
of August, but since I am working on it in between my 10,000 line
Fortran Code runs, no promises. 

TC -- starving physicist

  Please send contributions for the mailing list to: forms at cs.ruu.nl
  Please contact the mailing-list-owner as: forms-request at cs.ruu.nl

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