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[ REQ 5003]: build problems on hp9000/7xx

I recently downloaded the Geomview X11 beta source code and have been
trying to build the system on an hp9000/715 (running hpux 9.0.1).
I believe I have overcome most of the problems but I have yet to build
a working system.

The version I have was ftp'd recently from the Geometry Center. The version,
according to the README.x11 file is:

Geomview/OOGL Release 1.4.2
The Geometry Center
Beta Source Release for X11
April 16, 1994

I am using hp's /bin/cc, not gcc.

At this point, the problems that remain (which are probably related) are:

src/bin/geomview/x11/O.x11/gvtooli.c - #include "interface/Tool.mib"
is not handled by the compiler and produces the message "Catenated
input line too long"

when I attempt to run geomview, the following error message is emitted:

Error: attempt to add non-widget child "dsm" to parent "main"
which supports only widgets

I was able to compile gvtooli.c by commenting/uncommenting lines in the
source so that Tool.mib is read from a file rather than included in the
source. I also copied Tool.mib into "interface/Tool.mib" relative to 
the executable "gvx".

As for the second problem (non-widget error), I have been unable to locate
the string "dsm" in any of the .c, .h, or .mib files.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have to help me resolve these

Additional information:

I am using X11R5 and Motif1.2 libraries.

Many of the problems from my first attempt to make the system were resolved
by adding -D_HPUX_SOURCE to the compile options.

I also had to add "-lXm -lXt -lXext -lX11" in several of the Makefiles
so that all symbols would be resolved by /bin/ld.

Added #define/#undef pair in porting.c so that alloca would be compiled.

Some personal information:

I work for Motorola.
My use of geomview is not related to Motorola business.
I am a graduate student at Arizona State University working on a
MSCS with emphasis in Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization -
my interest in Geomview is related to my academic studies.


Steve Talent (talent at chdasic.sps.mot.com)

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