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Re: [Update REQ 5016]: looking for conv's,3d-objects

Dear Markus,

> In order to save time, nerves, work and money (!) we are looking for
> servers or other sources, which contain files we could use.
> The files can be out of the following contexts:
> furniture, office-equipment, things that can be found in houses and office-
> builings (telephones, cupboards, coffee-machines and so on..)

> Useful file formats: dxf, enff, nff, off, Files of FORM-Z (MAC),
>                      Genesys-Files,...

This is Ed.  We talked on comp.graphics.visualization.  The file I sent 
you last week is "office.oogl", which is actually an OFF file.  This is 
the only file that I know of that gives what you want here at the 
Geometry Center.  Maybe someone in the center know where we have more??

> Therefore we could need as much converters we can get in order
> to avoid programming such ones...

The only ones that I am aware of are those that are developed here at the 
Geometry Center, such as "anytooff", which takes an OOGL file and 
converts it into an off file.  "oogl2rib", which takes an oogl file and 
converts it into an RenderMan file.

We also have "ucdtooff", and "anytoucd", which takes UCD to OFF, and OOGL 
to OFF, respectively.  I am not familar with the UCD format, however.

Perhaps someone here at the Center know where more converters exist??


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