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[ REQ 5023]: Possible Bug in Dec ALPHA geomview 1.4.3

Good afternoon,

	I would like to report a bug in geomview-1.4.3-src.x11-beta
running on a DEC ALPHA OSF/1.  I observe the following behavior:

I start up geomview and load in "axes.list", using the Open 
command in the main window File menu.  I can then spin it
arouns, zoom it, etc.  Everything seems fine.  But if
I now try to double click the right mouse button on the
object, to select it, I get a:

Floating exception (core dumped)

Now, to make things wierd (at least to me), if I start up Geomview
again, and this time load in "dodec.quad" first, I can again spin it
around, etc, but, in addition, I can also double click the right mouse
button to select it, or select the world, etc.

Also, making things very wierd to me, if I then delete "dodec.quad"
and load in "axes.list" I can then successfully select and de-select
"axes.list", a very different behavior from what I saw when I 
loaded "axes.list" in first.

It seems to me that it is some problem with the VECT format.
Actually, I discovered this while using external modules
to create VECT type objects, but I tried to localize
the problem to the above statement.

	Thanks a lot,

		Randy Paffenroth
PS:  If this note should make it to Stuart Levy (which I imagine it
will), I was running this on tait.umd.edu.  You still have your
account and if you like you can use the version on Geomview
that I generated these errors on by looking in /users/redrod/bin
and /users/redrod/Geomview.

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