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Re: [Closed REQ 5137]: Geomview server

  • To: software@geom
  • Subject: Re: [Closed REQ 5137]: Geomview server
  • From: "Tamara Munzner" <munzner>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 18:01:42 -0600

   Date: Mon, 14 Nov 94 11:04:55 PST
   From: Dave Kerlick ((555) 555-5555 <davidk at espresso.rt.cs.boeing.com>

   Hello Tamara,

Hello David,

	 Gary Anderson of our group said he mentioned my interest in
   WebOOGL to you at a recnet conference.

Yes, I remember the conversation.

     I would like to demonstrate its capabilities to the folks here,
   but unfortunately the security folk won't allow us to hook up our
   SGI's to the external Web. What I'd like to do, is get copies of
   whatever server-side software sits behind the WebOOGL demos so I
   could replicate the demos internally, and possibly add some of our
   internal geometric types to OOGL.

If you've already got a Web server running inside your firewall, then
I think you're set. As far as I know, you should just be able to use
your off-the-shelf internal Web server if you add the appropriate line
to your mime.types configuration file (i.e.

 object/x-oogl     oogl off list tlist grp quad mesh inst bez vect

). I'll let our webmasters shout me down if I'm wrong on this.
The two perl scripts "weboogl.perl" and "to-weboogl.perl" need to
be installed on the client side, and you should have the line 

 object/x-oogl; to-weboogl.perl %s

in your personal or systemwide mailcap file.

   At this stage it would be just for demonstration purposes only. If
   Boeing were to want to use anything in production, our folk would
   see about getting the appropriate licenses etc.

We'd be quite pleased if you were interested in using our software in
production: it's free, so no licensing would be necessary. The only
"fee" is that you keep us informed on how you're using it. (We would
only need to negotiate if you wanted to somehow add value and sell

   David Kerlick
   Computer Graphics Group
   Boeing Computer Services Research and Technology
   Bellevue WA

   davidk at espresso.rt.cs.boeing.com

Let me know how the demo goes. Hope this helps,

Tamara Munzner		The Geometry Center	     ((555) 555-5555
munzner at geom.umn.edu    http://www.geom.umn.edu/people/munzner.html

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