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[ REQ 5470]: Free S.u.S.E. Linux Triple CD

Dear Linuxer,

first of all: Sorry, if this mail seems to be a little bit unpersonal.
It will be sent to a lot of people - so I don't have the time to write 
such a lot of mails :-)
It is also possible, that you get this message more than once on different
email addresses, just delete the following ones ;-)

Maybe you know that we produce Linux-CDROMs - maybe you've already gotten
one :-) . In any way, our new triple-CD has been derived from your work. 

We would like to thank you very much!!!

We would also like to send you a free copy of it. So if you care to get
hold of one, please send me your snail address. Don't worry about shipping 
costs - we'll try to find someone in every edge of this planet to carry 
the parcels to a local post office :-)

We will allow 2-3 weeks for your response to reach us before we start 
shipping outside of Germany. So please be patient if it takes a little 
while until the packet reaches you.

If you've gotten the november version and think, that you don't need a
CD with German installation menus again since you don't understand even one
word; no problem, with this one you can choose between English or German
installation menus.

The cover of the CD banners with "S.u.S.E. Linux April 1995", so if 
you think, "A CD from april ? Fairly out-of-date!" let me say, that
this isn't really an april version. It is the third edition of the CD
(containing Slackware 2.3 and Kernel 1.2.9), and has left factory just
yesterday. The master was finished on june 13th.

So, if you're interested, just reply to this mail ;-)

Thanx again & cu


PS:  I think I've taken great care with the email addresses, but never-
     theless it is possible, that I catched an address of a mailing list. 
     If this has happened, please be fair - this offer is only meant for 
     developers, not for the plain user.

PPS: If you answered the previous developer's mailing, and didn't get your
     copy until now, please do not despair! Probably the address was faulty
     or incomplete. Try again, so we can sort out what went wrong.
  My tip for this evening: Mighty Truth: From the city of the sea
  Burchard Steinbild, S.u.S.E. GmbH, Gebhardtstr. 2, 90762 Fuerth, Germany
  Tel: +49-911-74053-0,       Fax: +49-911-7417755,      Email: bs at suse.de

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