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[Update REQ 5466]: Re: W3Kit

> Dear Paul Burchard at burchard at geom.umn.edu,

> RE: W3Kit
> URL: http://www.geom.umn.edu/docs/W3Kit/W3Kit.html
> RE: [Cyberview-3D]
> URL: http://www.geom.umn.edu/apps/cyberview3d/about.html
> Due do possible email difficulties with the first distribution,
> we are sending this request letter to those who did not respond.

Hello again,

I did respond to your original message, but never got a reply to my  
questions (which you were kind enough to forward to the authors).   
Given the email problems, could you make sure that the authors have  
another chance to answer them?  My original response is enclosed  


Paul Burchard

From: Paul Burchard <burchard>
Date: Tue, 30 May 95 14:05:05 -0600
To: James Michael Stewart <mcintyre at tristero.io.com>
Subject: Re: W3Kit

Thanks for your interest in W3Kit.  A couple questions before I  

sign a release form...

1.  A major upgrade, W3Kit version 3.0, has been in beta test for a  

while, and I will be releasing it in the next couple of months.   

I'd much prefer to have 3.0 in the book if it works with your  

publication schedule.  What is your deadline?

2.  The release form asks for a nonexclusive rights to ``use the  

following material ... and all associated code and documentation.''   

In the context of a programming toolkit, I think the word ``use''  

is too vague -- I would prefer ``publish, redistribute, or reprint''  

in order to clearly differentiate what you want to do from, say,  

the creation of commercial applications on top of W3Kit (which would  

be subject to more stringent requirements according to the terms of  

the GNU Library General Public License).

Paul Burchard   <burchard at math.utah.edu>
``I'm still trying to learn how to count backwards from infinity...''

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