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[ REQ 5480]: request

Hi, Many thanks for producing the Geomview program. I have used it now on both
Linux and Sun systems.

I am putting together a project at Sussex University as part of an
Artificial Intelligence project, using genetic algorithms in design.

The program I am writing is an adaptation of Karl Sims' and Latham
and Todds ideas on using genetic algorithms in asthetic design . The
program generates a collection of 3D shapes, the user selects their
preference and then the program generates a different collection of shapes
based on the users prefered choice at the previous step.

This involves displaying multiple scenes at once.

Do you think there is a way Geomview could be used as the display engine for
such a program ? There is no problem in my program producing data in an OFF
format - it already does so. What it does not yet do is provide the multiple
scences at once and the ability for the user to drive the program. Can you
think of a way of using modules and geomview to produce a solution ?

The ideal would be for the user to be presented with, say, six different
windows on a screen, and a control panel ( that I can write ) then by
selecting the appropriate button on the control panel the program would
display six new objects in the six different windows without further
interaction neccessary from the user.

Any ideas would be gratefully appreiciated - the major problem seems to be
that Geomview only has one 'World' at any one time, and doing what I need
would seem to require six concurrent instantiations of Geomview.

Thanks , Giles Jermy, Sussex University.

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