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Re: [Closed REQ 5492]: Questions re. Geomview

  • To: software@geom
  • Subject: Re: [Closed REQ 5492]: Questions re. Geomview
  • From: "Tim Rowley" <trowley>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 9:13:39 CDT

> (1) What is currently the latest version of Geomview, for SGIs ?

The latest version is 1.5, available from
or from our ftp site at

> (2) I have been having problems getting Geomview to run on a remote host. In other words,
> if I install Geomview on one account and try to run it from a different machine/account,
> its very slow and hardly works. Has this problem been fixed yet ?

The problem running Geomview on one machine and displaying to
another is mainly a problem with GL, the graphics language used
on the SGIs.  It isn't very efficient over the network and the
plain GL event loop doesn't work.  It's best if you run geomview
on the machine you're sitting at.

> (3) How can I make geomview to run from all directories? Right now, I can only run it from
> the directory in which it is installed.

It sound like you don't have your path set up correctly, or you
forgot to run the install script.  If you did run the script,
check that the directory you told the script to install the
binaries in is in your path.

Tim Rowley  --  trowley at geom.umn.edu  --  "Do or do not, there is no try."

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