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[ REQ 5505]: Hinge for Linux...


Tamara Munzner recently visited us here at Bonn University,
Graphics department and showed us GeomView and OOGL and
WebOOGL and TriTile and so on... She showed us two videos,
too (OutsideIn and another one). EXCELLENT!

I found the Hinge module for GeomView to be very fascinating
and was very happy to hear that GeomView for Linux is
available. I got it and it works quite well. I run Linux
on a Pentium 100 MHz machine with 32 MB RAM and a MATROX
Impression plus graphics card. I use the Accelerated-X
X-Server (a commercial product) and everything is quite
fast. Unfortunately, the XServer doesn't support the hardware
3D graphics acceleration capabilities of the Matrox card...
I think this is mostly because of the lack of a good 3D
protocol (besides the existing PEX, which isn't quite good,
I think.)

However, I asked Tamara about that Hinge module for Linux
and she gave me a pointer to Hinge's source code and a
very early alpha version of (X)Forms for Linux. I got both
now but I'm still not able to compile Hinge. I got the
complete GeomView sources, too, and was able to build
some libraries, which are obviously needed for linking
Hinge, but I still can't build the binary...

Do you have some general advice for me? I don't have the
error messages right here now, but I can send them to
you if you need them. But perhaps you already made a
Linux version of Hinge and could give me a pointer to
where I could find it...

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Wolfrum              Department of Computer Science, Graphics Group
Servatiusstrasse 27         University of Bonn, Germany                   
D-53175 BONN                eMail: wolfrum at cs.bonn.edu
WWW: http://www.rhein.de/People/wolfrum
(Under construction!)

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