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Re: [Closed REQ 6280]: Forms

  • To: software@geom.umn.edu
  • Subject: Re: [Closed REQ 6280]: Forms
  • From: daemons <daemon>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 17:59:30 -0500 (CDT)

> I try to create a control panel like the example2 in the Geomview Manual.
> But I don't have FORMS library, so I download forms library from
> glaurung.physics.mcgill.ca to get libforms.a. However, I still cannot
> get linked library such as libfm_s and libgl_s.a.

You have a couple of choices.

If you're on an Irix 6 Iris, "-lfm_s" and "-lgl_s" no longer work,
but you can still get the same effect (I think) with "-lfm -lgl",
just omitting the "_s" suffixes.

You might be better off, though, avoiding the SGI "forms" library and
trying "XForms" instead.  It was created by T.C. Zhao and the original
creator of the SGI FORMS library, Mark Overmars.  It has several advantages:
 - it works on a fair variety of non-SGI machines (Sun, HP, Linux, etc.)
 - it works well over the net (remote display works very badly with
	the SGI GL FORMS library)
 - there are still people working on it, so bugs might get fixed.
 - it's nearly compatible with FORMS, so most stuff looks familiar.

The FORMS-based modules that come with Geomview now all use XForms rather
than plain FORMS.

If interested, you can get XForms from

  Stuart Levy, Geometry Center

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