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[ REQ 6722]: GNU Software Catalog: Current Software, @item @code{geomview}

Hello.  I am editing the GNU Software Catalog.  Our records
indicate that you should review text that appeared in our March 1998
Bulletin; the text you should review is appended to the end of this
message.  We appreciate the work you have done; depending upon space
and other issues to be decided as time goes on, we would like to
include your information in the catalog.  Of course,
information about the GNU Project and its programs have priority.

To help us provide complete and up-to-date information about you and
your contribution to the information in the catalog, would you please:

  1) reply to me saying that this information is correct as it stands,
  2) send me an updated version of this information (please make it as
     *short* as possible, perhaps shorter than the previous entry;
     space is always at a premium),
  3) indicate that you do not want this information to be mentioned in
     the catalog.

(I really need to get some sort of reply from you *soon*, even if it
is just to say that you are too busy to update the information,
no longer responsible for the program or product indicated in
the text you received, or unable to give me an update at this time
for some other reason.  If you are no longer responsible for
the items described in the text, please let me know who is
responsible, so I may contact them.  If your update must be
delayed, I will keep track of this, and send you a reminder in a
few days.)

We are not willing to print the appended information (except for the
brief descriptions about GNU programs) until and unless we receive a
reply from you regarding this information.  The catalog is
distributed to thousands of people, and therefore we need to insure
that the information within is correct.

Please try to respond within the next few days.
I *must* have a reply from you by Thursday, Nov 5.
However, I will send a reminder every few days to everyone I have
not heard from until I do hear from you.

If I do not receive a reply from you by Nov 5, I can not
include any information about you in the catalog.  Our
printing deadline is Nov 12.  We spend this time between
receiving all the replies and the actual deadline doing the layout,
writing new articles, and contacting other information sources.  It is
very difficult to do all these tasks and also be trying to reach people
for last minute updates.

If you have any questions, you may email them to me at the address
catalog-updates at gnu.org, or you may contact our distribution office
by telephone at +1-617-542-5942 or by fax at +1-617-542-2652.

I can not overemphasize that the text you send me needs to be brief.
If what you send is not short enough, we (the editors) will
edit it to fit.  I'm sorry if it doesn't end up saying exactly what
you want it to say as a result.

I apologize in advance to those who get this letter more than once.
However, each copy will include a different segment from the March 1998
Bulletin.  Therefore, please make sure to respond regarding all
information that I have asked you to update.  Any segments unaccounted
for can not be included.

Thank you very much.

Brian Jepson

*** BEGIN current working copy of GNU's Bulletin text

@need 301
@item @code{geomview} @value{hfill-kludge} @emph{See} @w{@file{http://www.geom.umn.edu/software/geomview}} @w{ } (SrcCD)

@code{geomview} is an interactive geometry viewing program, which requires
Motif or LessTif and uses X, GL, or OpenGL graphics.  It allows multiple
independently controllable objects and cameras.
External programs may drive desired aspects of the viewer,
e.g.@: loading changing geometry or controlling motion,
while allowing interactive mouse-and-GUI control of everything else.
Controllable features include
motion, appearance (wireframe, shading, lighting and material properties),
mouse-based selection,
snapshoting (PPM or SGI image, Postscript, and RenderMan formats),
display in hyperbolic and spherical spaces,
and projection from higher dimensions.
Includes converters to display Mathematica and Maple 3-D graphics,
and limited conversion to/from VRML.

*** END Bulletin text

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