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[ REQ 6727]: Publish your security software, services and products for FREE in our HOTT Guide!

Dear Sir, mrs,

Deadline is coming closer for our software products HOTT Guide, dedicated to security. Made in Holland, a small country with a big old printing tradition as well as a strong IT position, this Hands On Tests & Tutorials guide will provide IT professionals all they need to know about security.

Contribute to this guide! Send us your HOTT software, services, product information, successtories and best business cases of 1998 and we'll review it and bring it under the eyes of more than 100.000 IT-professionals. HOTT Guide's contents vary from AntiVirus to Security Scanning Tools, so give us your:
*	version, reseller, distributor, availibility and pricing information
*	functionality (This product enables you to...) and target users details
*	step-by-step installation description, problems, solutions and workarounds
*	technical specifications and systems requirements
*	comparisons with related / competing products
*	documentation (manuals, datasheets, newsgroups, FAQ-lists) and support information (service organisation, Help Desk, call centre)
*	operational consequences (implementation, maintenance, training)
*	other test and review reports, awards
*	typical business case stories (e.g.: implementation projects info)
*	illustrations for digital and paper publishing (screen shots, graphics)
*	fully functional Not For Resale versions and CD release permit

Make life easy: fill in these checklist items and mail them to d.thoolen at scnedu.com to reach more than 100.000 NT-professionals! Mail us also your prospect info and we will give them HOTT Guide availability details!

Our deadline is December 3 1998, so send us your software overnight!


Dick Thoolen

SCN Education
Editor, Content Communication Manager
Zuidermolenweg 25
1069 CE Amsterdam
Tel. +31.20-41.06.800
Fax. +
http://www.scnedu.com (Version 2.0 upcoming)
d.thoolen at scnedu.com
Drs Dick Thoolen is also Honorary Vice President PR / Public Affairs of The Internet Society, Chapter Netherlands (www.isoc.nl) in a Board with a.o. former Minister of Economic Affairs Dr Koos Andriessen, Prof. Ir. Jaap baron van Till (RI) and  Dr.Ir. Erik Huijzer .

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